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Mastology publication 2021

Welcome to Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium 2022

11 Years of Innovation

From May 12 – 14, 2022 the eleventh edition of the Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium – BBCS will occur. Beginning 11 years ago, innovation in research, the strengthening of science and technology, and the loyalty of major national and international partnerships, have contributed to consolidate this which is the largest breast cancer research event in Brazil.

The holding of the event in a city listed as a national heritage in central Brazil, provides the guest with contact with a place that preserves its ancient and quaint aspect and an environment of extreme natural beauty. It is also an opportunity to promote interaction and exchange between participants and sponsors.

Come join us and be part of this story!


We would like to inform that the Organizing Committee of the Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium 2021 has been closely monitoring the national bulletins and the actions carried out by the State Government of Goiás to fight COVID-19. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the outcome of such large spread of the virus and the uncertainty of a new wave arising. And right now, the only thing we can do is to ensure the well-being and safety of our participants.

We know that now we have the duty and responsibility to help the community as a whole to face and protect themselves from this epidemic. Therefore, we would like to announce that the BBCS 2021 will be held in an online format, for the first time after 10 editions.

We thank our sponsors, supporters and suppliers for your understanding during this disturbing and stressful situation and especially for thinking about our safety. We hope that this public health issue can be settled quickly, so that we can meet face-to-face in 2022 for the “largest breast cancer research event in the country”!

We would like to thank you for your understanding on behalf of the Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium.

Best regards,

Ruffo de Freitas JuniorGeneral Coordinator – BBCS 2021

Rosemar Macedo Sousa RahalCommittee and Logistics Coordinator – BBCS 2021

Régis Resende Paulinelli LuisScientific Committee Coordinator – BBCS 2021

Fernando de Pádua OliveiraAward Coordinator – BBCS 2021

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