Cláudio Kemp Award

Cláudio Kemp Award

Claudio Kemp

“Hey cutie! Hey bro!” Dr. Claudio Kemp was known not only for his admirable curriculum, but also for his way of treating people… relaxed, laid-back… he brought a touch of lightness to colour the seriousness of the profession. He used to teach not only technical skills, but also human care.

His particular way of interacting made people gravitate towards him, especially his students!

Passionate about breast imaging, he influenced many generations in academia!

I hope that the young researcher can make use of his legacy and grow professionally with humility and competence, following on his footstep. Simone Elias (one of his students and later colleague) once said: ‘he looked at life with the eyes of a sage, to the future with the eyes of a child, and to the world with eyes of an artist’.

Mariza, Ana and Marta Kemp

Professor Claudio Kemp award is directed to young researchers, and given to the researcher who presented the best paper at BBCS – in the category of ‘up to 35 years old’. The prize awarded is tickets, lodging and registration to the
Jornada Paulista de Mastologia of the same year.


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