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May 18 - 20, 2023
Goias - Brazil



Welcome to Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium 2022


How to design trials in Oncology

Disclosure and Financial interests in research and clinical study

Most important ongoing trials in early breast cancer

Most important ongoing trials in advanced breast cancer

Most important ongoing trials in breast cancer radiotherapy

Most important ongoing trials in breast cancer surgery

Trials with practice changes in the last year

Breast cancer tomosynthesis screening – is it time to move on? Barriers for its implantation and widespread use

Safety de-escalation of breast imaging in breast screening for whom and when?

Supplemental imaging in breast screening: DBT x US x RMI for whom and when?

IA for breast cancer screening, where we are and the ongoing trials

Taking the best of mammography

Taking the best of the US, beyond the solid x cystic masses

Taking the best of MRI

Taking the best of CESM

Core biopsy, situations with risk of underestimation and implications for clinical practice

Vacuum Assisted Procedures

Preoperative breast lesion localization: wire x roll x carbon. How to proceed?

Imaging pathological agreement x disagreement – case marathon

Breast imaging and de–escalation for breast cancer, a lifesaver marriage

Vacuum Assisted Resection (VAR): a reliable approach for margins evaluation and warranty complete percutaneous resection of small breast cancers

Managing complications and adverse effects of Vacuum Assisted excision (VAE)

Cryoablation for breast cancer, is time to move on? Barriers for its implantation and widespread use

Theranostic nanomedicine workshop

What does it takes to be a vertical breast lift surgeon (from oncology to reconstruction)? My experience

Changing roles and competencies for the breast surgeon of the future

How artificial intelligence can change breast surgery

New technologies that may influence breast surgery

Is it safe to perform oncoplastic surgery in multicentric tumors?

Do we have to use ADM and mesh support?

Sick lobe based surgery

Septum-based Mamoplasty

Goldilocks Mastectomy

Disguised geometric offset

Fat grafting to the LD (Latissimus Dorsi) miniflap

Evidence-based oncoplastic surgery. What do we really know

Palliative care: perspectives and challenges for this decade

Pathological communication

What every breast specialist needs to know about palliative care

Cognitive changes in endocrine therapy

The role of physical therapy in the prevention of sequelae and quality of life within breast cancer survivors

Nutrition during and after breast cancer treatment


* Schedule subject to change